Ways to show love to an epileptic friend

Here are some simple ways to help out friends and family members with epilepsy:

Offer rides

A major frustration for many epileptics is not being able to drive. Volunteer rides to the grocery store, appointments, even special events like concerts that may otherwise be missed. If your loved one’s epilepsy is well controlled, offer to drop them off at a place of their choosing for some alone time.

Provide emotional support

Beyond having seizures, epileptics often experience issues like memory loss, depression, and loneliness. Let your friend know you’re there for them. A simple encouraging text can go a long way.

Help ease recovery days

The days following a seizure can be brutal. Simple tasks like getting up for a glass of water seem impossible. Offer support by bringing meals, providing childcare, picking up prescriptions, or helping with household chores.

Support without patronizing

It’s difficult to feel “normal” with epilepsy. Babying and constant worrying can take away from feelings of independence. Recognize your friend as the strong and capable person they are. They may need extra help at times, but so does everyone.

If you have epilepsy, comment below with what type of support you appreciate most.